Early Intervention

I am trained in Critical Incident Stress Management and EMDR Therapy for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress. I provide early interventions for people experiencing recent or ongoing traumatic stress. 

Services are offered online or in office and are available for small groups including couples, families, employees/ colleagues, impacted by the same traumatic event. Examples of recent or ongoing traumatic stress may include:

  • Pandemics such as COVID-19 and related stressors
  • At-risk personnel (e.g., healthcare professionals, first responders/emergency response personnel, correctional staff, military on duty).
  • People undergoing life-changing experiences with ongoing traumatic stress or extreme stressors.
  • Victims of constant violence (e.g., sexual assault, domestic violence, severe emotional abuse, criminal violence).
  • People with diverse ongoing trauma histories with similar circumstance in common (e.g., chronic or severe illness; individuals, couples and families with ongoing domestic violence situations that have not been resolved and are still unsafe to some degree).
  • Natural or man-made disasters.